Building a Better Businesses Webinars

Our BBB workshops are based on our growing realisation that the needs of our clients in building and growing their businesses were more than just financial. The workshops are designed specifically to help you grow your business. The workshops cover each aspect of your business and offer a step-by-step approach to help you achieve your goals.

Once every month, we will host an online webinar to cover a topic that’s applicable to you, whether you are running your business or operating as a major decision-maker within the business. The topics covered range from marketing to time management, and information is blended with application to enable you to implement the strategies within your business and make the changes really happen.

You’ll discover that many business-building opportunities are readily available to you and we will help you tackle the challenges that are keeping you from taking advantage of them. Your business will grow and your profits will improve by working smarter rather than harder.

Our BBB workshops are network-focused. You’ll participate in discussions on what has worked – and what hasn’t – in relation to that month’s topic. We are available to listen and to help you consider what is best for you. And you’ll hear examples of real-world companies who have made these things work.

Our BBB Workshops are fully guaranteed. If at any time you are not completely satisfied with the program, please let us know and we will simply refund that month’s membership.

Very informative, will certainly take some good ideas away from this. Very useful

James Oliver

I could relate to everything. We were all spoken to in a way in which we could understand

Chloe Johnson

Gave me several ideas about things I need to look at again to improve customer relations

Mary Smith

I think the seminars are an absolute ‘must’ for those people who are ‘serious’ about taking their business forward in a responsible and structured way – you can’t help being swept along with the quality of the presentations, and their content

Bob Lax