Free Help For Owner Managed Businesses To Get Their Profits Back On Line After Lockdown!

We are a very different type of accountancy practice. We are different in two main ways. First, our sole commercial purpose is to increase the wealth of our clients and secondly, we believe in delivering and guaranteeing to deliver the highest possible accounting service standards.

We specialise in helping businesses to become more successful. Using our skill with numbers, proven analytical and planning tools, marketing systems, coaching, and systems development and the ideas of some of the world's leading business thinkers and achievers, we've developed a series of processes, systems and tools to help businesses become much, much more successful.

We believe that our clients should always have access to the best business development support that is available.

Our Profit Improvement Planning programme provides a full Financial Performance Review of your business and benchmark it against similar companies in the same industry. Using tried and tested formulae we can show you exactly what changes to make to achieve the profits you desire. We can also help you write and deliver your marketing plan to help you achieve your goals.

If you appoint us as your accountants we will give you a free one hour consultation and a free financial plan (worth £1,500) which will show you how to restore your businesses profits to the level you desire together with an action plan to make sure that your target is met!

In addition to that, we will give you free unlimited telephone and e-mail support in the first year.

You see, our sole commercial purpose is to help our clients build better businesses and have better lives. We firmly believe that owner managed businesses such as yours should be given as much support as possible in these terribly difficult times as well as in the years that follow to give you the best possible chance of success. You see, your success is our success. If we can help our clients grow their businesses then our business grows as well so it gives us a great incentive to help our clients succeed!

The work that we do is backed by some of the most powerful guarantees in the accountancy profession. Indeed, we are unique in the accountancy profession in that we are the only practice that gives our clients a no quibble full money back guarantee.

We will always take your telephone calls when we are in our office or return calls within seven working hours, failing which we will send our client £50; we will meet the deadlines that are set for any assignment or that assignment is free; and we will pay any penalties, interest and surcharges which might arise from our shortcomings. On top of all that, if anything we do falls short of our clients’ expectations we will refund our fee in full without question, or allow our client to reduce the fee to whatever level they feel they have received value for.

Don’t just take our word for it, this is what our client Richard Stanton said about our services:

“Outstanding product, outstanding service, I would not hesitate to recommend Mr. Harrison’s accounting and consulting services to any company that is considering opening a business in the United Kingdom”.

And Emma Brown said…

“ The advice from Mr Harrison transformed our business. I carried out everything which the profit improvement plan highlighted as a problem and was guided every step of the way by Mr Harrison and his team. I can safely say that our business is now showing a very different story after just twelve months of hard work and major changes. The overdraft we built up over eight years took just one year to repay.

 I would not hesitate to recommend the Profit Improvement Programme as it gives John Harrison a complete overview of any business and makes his advice correct and invaluable.”

We have won some prestigious awards for our services: we won 2020 Innovation’s Most Innovative Accountancy Practice award and awards from Lawyers Worldwide and Innovation and ExcellenceMagazine for the best Financial Management Services in the UK.

As far as our fees are concerned, they will always be agreed in advance with you and be subject to a written service order so you won't receive surprise bills from us.

What you will get is:

  • a free financial plan showing you how to achieve the profit that you aspire to;
  • unlimited telephone and e-mail support in the first year;
  • your annual accounting records completed accurately;
  • your business and personal tax returns (filed on time)

Please use the contact us tab (above); e-mail me at or call me on 01909 472310 to arrange a mutually convenient time for a meeting with me or telephone conference to see how we can help your business be much more successful. I look forward to hearing from you.

While you are here have a good look around our website and download our free booklet 57-ways-to-grow-your-business.


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