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Our sole commercial purpose is to increase the wealth of those whom we are privileged to serve.

Using our skill with numbers, and the ideas of some of the world's leading business thinkers and achievers, we've developed a series of processes, systems and tools to help businesses become much, much more successful.

For example, we have software which analyses your financial accounts and presents them to you in graphical format which shows with crystal clarity what has gone right in your business and what has gone wrong. It also benchmarks your financial results against similar sized companies in the same industry so you can see at a glance what can be achieved.

We have access to a wealth of resources and tools that provide business improvement ideas to help you address such issues as improving cash flow and profits, gain clarity on business and personal goals and develop an action plan to achieve them, and so much more. We'll work hand in hand with you so you can gain a broader view of what is possible in your business and our comprehensive business coaching systems will help you achieve your goals.

Our Financial Management Service is one of the most complete ones available. It provides you bookkeeping and payroll, monthly financial reports and quarterly management accounts. It includes financial modelling to help you achieve the level of profits that you want and deals with credit control, invoicing and debt collecting; purchase invoice and payment processing; arranging the best insurance, utilities and telephone contracts and so much more.

You can be assured that as one of our clients you will always have access to the tremendous business development support that is available.

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Address: 78 Carlton Road, Worksop, Nottinghamshire S80 1PH .

Call us: 01909 472310

Send an email: john@johnharrison.co.uk

Company Information
John Harrison & Company is the trading name of John Harrison (Worksop) Limited,
Registered in England : Company Number : 03265305
78 Carlton Rd, Worksop, Nottinghamshire S80 1PH
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