Our Mutual Commitments

Our Commitments to You

We will constantly strive to help you increase your wealth.

We will give you unlimited telephone support with our own Free Advice Hotline. Call us at any time and we guarantee you will not be charged a single penny!

We will deal with your telephone calls immediately. If we are unable to do so for any reason, we will return your calls within seven working hours and if we fail to do that, we will send you £50.

We will file your tax returns on time and if we fail to do so we will pay any penalties, interest or surcharges that arise because of our shortcomings.

We will plan your tax affairs each year so that you pay the least amount of tax possible.

We will ensure that you always know in advance our fee for any assignment so there will never be any surprise bills.

We will meet the deadlines you set. If we fail to meet them, you pay us NOTHING for that assignment (unless the reasons are outside of our control, in which case we will let you know what the problems are).

We understand that you will be the sole judge of our performance. If anything, we do falls short of your expectations we will refund our fee in full without question or allow you to reduce it to whatever level you feel you have received value for.

Your Commitments to Us

You will be open, frank and honest with us at all times. You will let us know immediately of any dissatisfaction that you have with the services we provide for you.

You will maintain your financial records accurately and up to date and you will act upon our suggestions where we think improvements might be necessary.

You will promptly give us all the information that we need to do our work for you.

You will respect the fact that the materials and processes we make available to you are covered by copyright and you will not breach that in any way.

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Address: 78 Carlton Road, Worksop, Nottinghamshire S80 1PH .

Call us: 01909 472310

Send an email: john@johnharrison.co.uk

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John Harrison & Company is the trading name of John Harrison (Worksop) Limited,
Registered in England : Company Number : 03265305
78 Carlton Rd, Worksop, Nottinghamshire S80 1PH
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