Greymen Security Solutions Ltd

Investigation Services –

Desktop Tracing
We are able to provide both desktop and field tracing services. Our in house tracing agents are trained to the highest level and have access to the most up to date data sets. Our extensive network of agents allows us to trace individuals not only within the UK but also across the globe.

Process Serving
We only employ agents with a background of successful service history. The Greymen team offer nationwide coverage and have a proven track record of service for a wide range of organisations.  

Pre-litigation Reports
Don’t litigate without digging. It is paramount that prior to entering litigation you have established a financial profile of the subject. This can save you a lot of time, stress and money.

Individual & Corporate Due-Diligence
All of our due-diligence reports are completely bespoke to meet any client requirements. In order to stay ahead of the game in an ever changing market it is important to know your competition.

Asset Tracing & Recovery
Greymen offer tracing, freezing and recovery of misappropriated assets both in the UK and overseas. Our forensic team are accredited investigation and asset tracing experts. Greymen create bespoke strategies for clients drawing from a wealth of experience in asset identification and recovery.

Greymen provide only the most discreet and confidential service to all our clients. Our operatives are seasoned professionals in this area with extensive experience in sensitive surveillance operations. Contact a member of the team to see what our experts can do for you.

Employee Screening Services -

Credit Checks
By credit checking an employee this can give the employer a better understanding of how they have previously prioritised financial responsibility. Greymen’s credit enquiries systems draw from a wide range of data sources to ensure the most accurate findings.

Proof of Residence
This check is to verify that the individual is residing as stated. Another way to ensure you ‘know your employee’

Right to Work in the UK Audit
Do your employees have the correct documentation to prove they have the right to work in the UK? This check is vital in avoiding large fines for employing illegal immigrants. Safeguard your organisation from illegal workers or they could deal devastating blow to your funds and reputation.  

DBS Check (All Levels)
Protect your employees, shareholders, customers and reputation by ensuring you comply with DBS regulations.

Social Media Review
Do you really know your employees? Your organisation’s reputation is a product of hard work. Don’t put this at risk by employing the wrong person. We at Greymen see social media profiles as an extension of the CV.

Passport Validation
The systems available to Greymen give us the functionality to verify the authenticity of a Passport. We use official algorithms and data sets to ensure the highest level of validation.

Other Checks include:
Employment Activity Check
Qualification Verification Check
Financial Conduct Authority Check
Driving Licence Checks
Sanctions & Politically Exposed Persons Check (Anti-Money Laundering)