About Just Audit

Just Audit has been in operation since 2006 and works alongside approximately 30 accountancy firms carrying out audit work for over 70 clients of those firms.  We carry out assurance type work only and do not offer general accountancy services or tax advice - the perfect complement for firms of accountants who don’t carry out audits themselves.  

The type of work carried out by Just Audit is principally the statutory audit of Limited Companies but we also do:

  • Solicitors’ Accounts Rules
  • ABTA Accountants Reports
  • CASS Audits
  • Charity Audits

All of these require registered auditor status.

Just Audit’s systems and procedures are set up specifically to support the work of accountants. We utilise their work as much as possible, therefore minimising disruption to the client. We consider this, along with our independence and experience, to be one of our major strengths.

Our team

At Just Audit we invest in our team, all of whom are qualified, friendly and approachable with a vast amount of experience to smooth the whole audit process. All the team work remotely from their home offices, in various parts of the country, minimising travelling time and cost, and maximising focus on what matters – our clients. We always aim to assign staff on a basis of proximity to our clients.

Within Just Audit there is a team comprising of two experienced audit managers and three audit seniors along with a marketing manager, Andrea and the firm’s secretary, Tania. 

Just Audit is proud of its team of committed, long-standing employees. For our clients it means that they work with the same Just Audit contact year on year.  Taking the figures into account for the last 4 years, the same staff member has been in charge of the same audits 82% of the time.

Rachel DavisAbout Rachel Davis

Just Audit is headed by Rachel Davis, chartered accountant, who has been in practice for over 25 years. Her background is with small, medium and large sized accountancy practices so she has direct experience of many different sizes and types of clients.

  • Member of ICAEW Practice Committee
  • Chair of ICAEW Sole Practitioner Conference 2014 and 2015
  • Winner of 2020 Innovation Award 2009
  • Committee member of ICAEW District Society in Yorkshire (WYSCA)
  • Former Branch President of Derby Society of Chartered Accountants

Max Hathaway, Director, Coates and Partners Limited

“We have been using Just Audit for a number of years to undertake all our audit work on behalf of our clients after we moved out of the audit sector.  We have found the working partnership to be very beneficial, for both us and  our clients, with clients getting an audit from experts while we can still  prepare the accounts and give business advice.  The relationship works  well as they know how we work which minimises the amount of time we have to  spend with them on the audit while they advise us of any adjustments required  to the accounts”.