Our normal intake is one student each year. By preference, we offer the Association of Accounting Technicians/Institute of Chartered Accountants (AAT/ICAEW) fast track approach to qualification but we do also consider applications from good graduate students who want to go straight into a Chartered training contact.

We prefer the AAT/ICAEW fast track approach for a number of reasons, not least of which is that our students can emerge from their training without the student debt they would accumulate at university. The AAT element is recognised in the business world on a par with many university degrees so that if you decide accountancy is not for you, you can leave after two years with a respected qualification.

Entering a Chartered training contract is a very big commitment both to you and to us as your employer. The two years you spend completing the AAT part of your studies gives you the chance to see that this really is the career choice for you and it gives us the chance to see that you have the ability and aptitude to complete the more onerous ACA part of your studies. It means that your (expensive) Chartered training contract is for a period of only two years, instead of three for graduates. When you commence it, you will already have received two years intensive training from us and will be professionally capable, which is clearly a very attractive economic proposition to us.


You will get all the support and professional experience you need to qualify and become a successful accountant and business adviser. Your training will consist of a series of modules designed to test your understanding of accountancy techniques, financial concepts and principles as well as legal and tax issues. These are all tested via examination and through work based learning.

We will provide all of the study materials that you need from a leading accountancy tutor and you will receive day release for one day each week, which you will utilise for studying in our training room with our other students, who will be happy to give you any help that you need. You will also receive study leave for exam preparation, by agreement with us.

In addition, through working with us you will learn how to apply your technical skills and to respond to genuine problems that arise in commercial situations. We employ the resources of a leading training organisation to training facilities which will ensure that you gain all of the technical skills that you need to become a successful accountant and business adviser.

The professional development of our team is just as important to us as it is to you. We supply intellectual services to our clients so the more skills that our team members have, the more successful we will be. To that end we will facilitate half yearly career development meetings with you to help you with your professional development.

Working with us

You will find a relaxed friendly environment in our spacious well appointed offices. Our accounts teams are made up of pairs, one of whom is experienced and one who is not so that when you start you will receive one to one tuition and you will soon feel an important part of a team.

For the length of your stay you will spend around one quarter of your waking hours with us and we all endeavor to make that as enjoyable as possible. Music is played most of the time and you get to bring your own music if you want to – we are all pretty tolerant to other people's tastes!

To work for us you need to:

  • be of a friendly disposition and easy to get on with
  • be passionate about delivering the highest possible standards of professional service
  • have a genuine desire to help business owners be more successful and profitable
  • have the high level of self discipline needed to complete unsupervised study
  • have good keyboard skills

If you have these qualities and are interested in joining us, please contact us through the contact us page of our website.

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